Wonder Dates


Boost your day with bite-sized creativity

Stretch your creativity and uplift your wellbeing...

in just 12 minutes

[oh, and it’s free for you early birds]

A virtual wonder ritual for anyone* in an organisation where work gets done in conventional ways.

You’ll explore curated creative exercises in pairs, matched by serendipity.

* designed with loveparticularly for those in a cerebral head-first corporate

"So much fun connecting and doing an exercise together"

"Loved the simple prompt!"

"Opportunity to get a little creative"

“This was fun!!!!!!”

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95% Positive experience

Exploratory space to easily & quickly build your creative confidence

Emotional Control

19% Mood uplift

Lifts your mood in a moment infused with play & wonder

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20% Energy uplift

Generate energy with human connection fueled by creativity

Your guided date

[so no awkward moments]

1: Check-in

Join the Wonder Date virtual lounge whilst the pairing magic happens. Then settle with a brief hello and a few reflections with your partner.

2: Create

Watch the exercise instructions and then get creating - but only if you feel comfortable, it’s easy to opt out and just have a chat.

3: Check-out

Explore and reflect on your curiosities, learnings or ideas together before enjoying the rest of your day.

And perhaps go on a date with wonder... in your organisation?

Papilio.ai is our organisational network-building platform that effortlessly:

  • Primes people for innovation & transformation
  • Fosters belonging
  • Boosts wellbeing

Nurture meaningful connection and creativity with virtually facilitated, bite-sized meet-ups.

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